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Cost of Bat Removal and Exclusion

Bat Removal and Exclusion Cost

Bat removal professionals are trained to remove unwanted bats from your property in a safe and human way. They will also develop solutions to prevent the bats from re-entering your home. Use the information below to get a better idea of how much your project should cost.

1. Where do you live? Prices for labor and materials tend to be higher in big cities and large metropolitan areas. To find animal and pest control services in your area, check out our local directory.

2. Is there a bat removal specialist in your area? Bat exclusion isn’t a job for the average local handyman. Keep in mind that most contractors charge an extra fee for travel outside of their normal service area.

3. Full inspection. The bat removal process should begin with a comprehensive inspection. The contractor can help you figure out how the bats are entering the building and recommend solutions for getting them out.

4. Schedule ahead of time! Each year, there is limited window of time to get the bats out of your attic. In many states, it’s against the law to perform any exclusion that may endanger the health and safety of the bats (especially the babies). Book far in advance, don’t wait until the contractor’s schedule is already full. If you need help finding pros in your area, use ProMatcher's matching service to get free cost estimates today.

5. How many bats are there? The cost of bat removal services will increase with the number of bats that need to be removed. Getting rid of one or two bats will not set you back much. It should only cost a few hundred dollars in most cases. However, excluding a colony of over 100 bats may cost you a few thousand dollars.

6. Setting the traps. Don’t worry, there won’t be a cage full of bats hanging out on the side of your house. The traps are designed to allow the bats to leave your home (but prevent re-entry). The cost all nets, traps, and other necessary materials should be included in the contractor’s estimate.

7. Number of visits required. Getting rid of the bats is a process. Don’t expect all of the bats to be gone in a matter of minutes. The bat specialist may need to return to your home after setting the traps to make sure the solution has worked. These return visits should be included in the overall cost of the the project.

8. Bat-proofing your home. Bats can get into your home through very tiny cracks and crevices. All of these holes, or “entry points” need to be sealed after the bats have safely exiting their roosting location (such as your barn, shed, or attic.). The entry points should be sealed with some variety of adhesive caulk. Be wary of any contractor that suggests the use of spray foam insulation.

9. Bat house installation. There are actually some benefits to having a colony of bats around. For instance, they eat many of the insects that bother humans. Some homeowners opt to construct a bat house on their property as part of the exclusion process. A bat house gives the animals a safe, alternative shelter nearby and may keep them from entering your home again in the future. However, the bat house will come at an additional cost.

10. Cleanup and restoration. Once the bats are gone, your attic may need a serious makeover. Bat droppings, or guano, should be cleaned up promptly (as exposure to guano particles has the potential to spread disease) In many cases, a separate contractor will handle this cleanup process and any necessary home repairs.

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