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Termite Treatment

Cost of Termite Treatment

Cost of Termite Treatment

How much should termite treatment cost? Learn more about the factors that impact the cost of treating termites in your home, including where you live and the severity of the infestation. There are several methods of exterminating termites. The type of treatment will depend on the species of termite.

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Termite Treatment - Questions & Answers

All food must be removed from a house before it is fumigated or "tented" to remove termites.

Top answer: Always

Can infrared cameras (or thermal imaging) be used to detect termite activity?

Top answer: Yes

Can termites survive without moisture?

Top answer: No

Do I need a permit to tent my house for termite fumigation?

Top answer: Not sure

Does homeowner's insurance typically cover termite damage?

Top answer: Rarely

Does stucco attract termites?

Top answer: No, never

Does the gas line need to be disconnected before the house can be fumigated for termites?

Top answer: Always

How do exterminators typically charge for termite treatment services?

Top answer: Not sure

How long do I have to wait before re-entering my home after it has been fumigated?

Top answer: 24-48 hours

How long does it take to set-up the tent for a whole house fumigation? (standard four bedroom home)

Top answer: Not sure

How long does termite fumigation (or "tenting") typically take?

Top answer: Not sure

How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost Per Linear Foot?

Is a termite inspection typically required as part of buying a home?

Top answer: Yes

Is heat treatment effective for treating drywood termite infestations?

Top answer: Always

Is tent fumigation an effective method of treating a dampwood termite infestation?

Top answer: In some cases

Is tent fumigation harmful to the environment?

Top answer: Not sure

Is termite "baiting" more expensive than chemical treatment services?

Top answer: No

Is whole house fumigation (or "tenting") an effective treatment for drywood termites?

Top answer: In most cases

Is whole house fumigation (or "tenting") an effective treatment for subterranean termites?

Top answer: Never

Is wood restoration typically included in the cost of termite extermination?

Top answer: Never

Termites are more active during the warmer months of the year.

Top answer: True

The gas used to fumigate termites is lethal to humans.

Top answer: True

The gas used to fumigate termites is lethal to plants and animals.

Top answer: True

What is the best way to get rid of drywood termites?

Top answer: Tent Fumigation

What species of termite is the easiest to exterminate?

Top answer: Subterranean termites

What species of termite is the most difficult to exterminate?

Top answer: Drywood termites

Would you recommend annual termite inspections?

Top answer: Always

Related Questions & Answers

Do exterminators typically offer a guarantee on their services?

Top answer: In most cases

Does a termite infestation pose a significant threat to my health?

Top answer: No

Is an exterminator required to have a state license?

Top answer: Yes

Is it important for an exterminator to belong to a professional association?

Top answer: Yes

What is your opinion of the National Pest Management Association?

Top answer: Favorable

Will pine straw mulch attract termites?

Top answer: Never

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